About Us

Inside TK Garage

Background: I have been in the tuner world for over 15+ years. I started wrenching in the garage with my brother when I was 14-15 years old. My first build was a 2004 accord that ended up being a show winning car. I currently still have a 1996 Honda Civic that is 700 HP and a show winning car that was featured in Banzai magazine in 2016.

How it all Started: TK Garage started over a night of drinking in the garage at the end of the year of 2016, complaining to Vinh Tran that people are ripping me off on service when the quality of work wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong. I will pay for great work, but not trash work. After talking about business ideas and what we are doing with our life. I felt like I had lost my focus, and needed something to put me into motion again. One of my life goals was to own my own company. I have a degree in business management and studied entrepreneurship in college. So I thought..why not take that knowledge and start my own business that I am passionate about.

Current focus: Building TK Garage and setting a foundation recognized for quality & innovation. Making sure we get the right vendors and staff that share the same vision and are willing to believe in the future of TK Garage.

Looking Forward: I want the future of TK Garage to be one of the top companies in the small bore & scooter community. We plan to keep innovating and staying ahead of our customer’s expectations, and the industry norm while still maintaining great customer service and high-end craftsmanship.

Future Products: Future products will be custom parts for bikes. I would like to have a fabrication department so that I can help customers turn their ideas, and vision they have for a build into reality.

Grassroots mentality: We came from the Ruckus community. That’s where our love for 2-wheels was born. Even though the ruckus seems to be dying right now, we plan to still make products for the Ruckus. I have many ideas in my head, but I just need to implement them.